At the beginning of each training course we introduce our Sensitiv Imago equipment to a doctor, dwell on its possibilities and mechanism of data retrieve. We show the set of equipment and explain the principle of peripheral devices functioning. As well we provide examples of patients’ diagnostics from our practical experience.

Then, we begin the basic course of a doctor’s training including:

  • rules of Sensitiv Imago equipment operation;
  • work with LifeStream software;
  • in practice, teach the doctor to work with a patient – starting with anamnesis gathering and up to full diagnostics.

During the training course doctor obtains knowledge about:

  • principles of information retrieval from a patient;
  • methods of conducting full diagnostics of patient’s health state;
  • analysis of received data;
  • selection of a scheme for patient’s treatment;
  • conducting correction of patient’s state with the help of frequency-wave influence of frequency compensation;
  • preparation of informational medication “spectronosods”;
  • composing of survey conclusion, which is then given to a patient.

After a training course doctor receives the certificate stating the permission to work with Sensitiv Imago equipment.

Duration of the training course is 5-14 days.


Success of your diagnostic center depends on administrator’s professionalism, that’s why it is important to approach the training of this specialist responsibly. At the beginning of training, administrator, as well as doctor, should get acquainted with Sensitiv Imago equipment. Here we give examples of most frequently asked by patients questions and options of conflicts solving from our experience.

Next we teach administrator her/his main duties:

  • rules of equipment exploitation;
  • work principles of the equipment;
  • equipment and software adjustment prior to patient’s survey;
  • proper and correct manner of answering patients’ phone calls;
  • registration of patients for the appointment with a doctor;
  • providing professional answers to patients’ frequently asked questions;
  • accuracy in filling out payment documents;
  • competence in consulting patients on rehabilitation schemes prescribed by a doctor of the diagnostic center;
  • keeping accounts of material values.

At the end of a training course you receive a professional specialist – administrator who can immediately proceed to work.

Duration of the training course is 5-14 days.


Manager is your authorized representative whose duties include support and promotion of your business.

At the beginning of training we introduce Sensitiv Imago equipment, emphasizing all the advantages of such diagnostic method. Here we provide examples of successful advertising tools from our experience.

Next we teach manager her/his main duties:

  • connect and adjust Sensitiv Imago equipment;
  • conduct control over administrator, courier and webmaster’s duties performance;
  • develop schemes for your business promotion;
  • know how to conduct presentations;
  • create advertising materials;
  • organize roadshows and diagnostics with a doctor;
  • provide comfortable working conditions for the staff in your center;
  • conduct control over material values circulation.

Duration of the training course is 3-5 days.

ALFA-MED UKRAINE company also provides online trainings!

Advantages of online training:

  • We teach you to work with HSC Sensitiv Imago in the conditions comfortable for you.
  • Training course lasts 35 hours, possible to be divided into 4-hour sessions each day.
  • Training course can be received without leaving home.
  • At the end of a training course we conduct examination and work on your mistakes.
  • After passing a training course you receive a certificate.
  • After a full training course you are provided with further consultations and technical support. All support and maintenance during the warranty period are free of charge.

Requirements for conducting an online training:

  • Purchase of Sensitiv Imago equipment (it would be rather difficult to pass the training without the equipment itself J).
  • Stable Internet connection.
  • Availability of computer (laptop) with connected Sensitiv Imago equipment of any model.
  • Installed remote control software (for example, TeamViewer and Skype) on this computer (laptop).
  • Connected microphone and speaker.
16 Jun
What is bioresonance therapy?
Bioresonance therapy has different names such as biophysical information therapy, bio-energetic therapy, electrodermal testing, vibrational medicine
16 Jun
The bioresonance diagnostics is carried out for diagnosis and treatment various diseases
Bioresonance therapy was invented in Germany in 1977 by Franz Morell and his son-in-law, engineer Erich Raschebut, and didn't have much acceptance

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