Sensitiv Imago 535

Model discontinued. Instead, the SensitivE Audit model is available.

The sensitiv Imago 535 is considered the latest non-invasive machine and belongs to the best Sensitive Imago equipment. This device helps to simplify diagnostic and treatment of illnesses, and provides about a 97% accuracy of the obtained data. The sensitiv imago 535 for sale consists of the new innovative methods and tests to diagnose patients such as the bio-impedance method, the bio-magnetic resonance method and the state-frequency wave imprinting test.

The high-tech imago sensitiv 535 was developed by the joint work of computer experts, physicists and physicians from the world’s leading medical institutes. Their scientific research clarify the fundamental nature of biological matter in our surroundings. The waves have different characteristics - the living cell includes its own wave frequency but the waves of the unhealthy cells are changed. The computer diagnostic of the sensitiv imago 535 for sale records such properties. We can say that it is the medicine of the future because bioresonance can detects any changes on a cellular level in early states, before major pathological changes in the body will appear. Bioresonance is the revolutionary advancement in healthcare because it simulates body self-healing, without any side effects. That’s why this type of therapy suits also sensitive patients, babies, and children.

The sensitiv imago 535 for sale is a model with FDA registration in the US and Canada. Our company, ALFA-MED UKRAINE, offers you such device not only because it accurately detects illnesses in a patient’s body but also recommends effective treatments.

The imago sensitiv 535 can be used to identify:

  • Nutritional deficiencies.
  • Occurrence of pathological processes and their activity.
  • Presence of viruses, bacteria, parasites, and their activity.
  • The weakest body systems.
  • Food or environmental sensitivities such as mold, candida, heavy metal, yeast and chemical toxicity.

The sensitiv imago 535 for computer diagnostics is equipped with the latest generation peripherals that allow receiving maximally accurate and detailed information on the health state of a patient. The machine is powered from 110 V electric network. Drivers and interface USB type perform the communication with the program.

The imago sensitiv 535 has the same functionality as European device Sensitive Imago 530 but they have different requirements to device assembly. The USA engineering requirements for health testing devices fully correspond to those in the EU. The FDA has more strict control policy to the constituent elements of a device. The USA requirements to magnetic safety are different.

ALFA-MED UKRAINE offers you a reliable and modern device of the Sensitive Imago technology. The sensitiv imago 535 for sale is considered the best medical equipment for the present day. The sensitiv imago 535 price belongs to the business-class. For more detailed information, contact us, and our experts will guide you through all main things of using our equipment.

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*The given test cannot be perceived as a DNA analysis for determining genetic diseases, it only allows to define systems and organs disposed to hereditary factors.

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What is bioresonance therapy?
Bioresonance therapy has different names such as biophysical information therapy, bio-energetic therapy, electrodermal testing, vibrational medicine

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