Preparation Selection

By virtue of Sensitiv Imago equipment and LifeStream software it is possible to select and test various wellness programs (preparations) for a patient.

The given function of equipment allows to foresee the changes in the state of an organism after a treatment course with any preparation.

There are 2 types of preparation testing.

The first type is internal vegeto-test.

Using it you can take advantage of the electronic pharmacy database (software program database). At this, frequency characteristics of the medicine with its particular dosage are used, they are already placed in the database.

All etalon characteristics of preparations (allopathic preparations, nutraceuticals, phytopreparations, homeopathic medicine) from a number of manufacturing companies are already recorded in LifeStream database – the software which goes in a set with Sensitiv Imago equipment.

The information on preparations in the database is contained in the form of frequency characteristics (spectral diagrams). These frequency characteristics are measured and recorded from active material in each medicine. This process takes place in a closed specially equipped laboratory that excludes any external influences. Later the received data is mathematically processed and deposited into the program’s database.

Medicine testing with Sensitiv Imago equipment is fulfilled in the following way:

First, we receive informational characteristics from our patient’s organism and analyze weak systems and organs. This information is registered in the program by way of spectral diagrams which are patient-specific indeed.

Then, using the option of “Internal vegeto-test”, an operator is able to test any medication (its spectral diagram) from any group (allopathy, nutraceuticals, homeopathy).

When tested, energy state of an organ is superposed with spectral characteristics of a definite medicine. If, in the course of it, frequency characteristics of an organ and of medication reflect in resonance, the program in the percentage ratio indicates amelioration in current organ’s (system’s) state under the condition that a given remedy is taken.

Operator may conduct selection of the preparation for prescription to this particular patient on the basis of retrieved data and its analysis.

Furthermore, the program automatically gives out a “hint” as for which preparation should be selected and tested in the regime of “Internal vegeto-test”. In case several preparation groups are opened simultaneously, the program ranks on the top in red those ones spectral characteristics of which are the most similar to spectral characteristics of a patient. The option to choose a preparation is granted to an operator himself/herself.

Second type – external vegeto-test.

For it you can use the magneto-optic chamber inbuilt in a device case which allows to test a medication at your disposal (allopathic, homeopathic, nutraceuticals) as well as select individual dosage and intake time.

In the program database there is the option enabling an operator to see a direction of treatment measures for the whole organism and in terms of each organ separately. With this information, an operator views an approach to follow in patient’s recovery process and curative measures to prescribe.

Testing process itself is extremely captivating. On the display screen you can observe the medication selection process in real time. Information received from a remedy is laid onto previously obtained information about energetic condition of a patient’s organ. Geometry signs depicted on an organ’s model undergo alterations. Therefore, it is apparent how much the patient’s state will elevate or deteriorate in percentage terms after medication taking. Dosage frequency and proportion are selected likewise. It is also possible to prognosticate appearance of a disease within next 1 or 5 years.

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