Sensitiv Imago Diagnostics

Sensitiv Imago computer diagnostics

Nowadays the term "computer diagnostics" is interpreted extremely widely since almost none of profound diagnostics is done without a computer. Among them Sensitiv Imago – diagnostics can be conducted only if the device is connected to computer. The method used to obtain information and recover organism in Sensitiv Imago devices is based on the principles of frequency-wave imprinting and impedance. Frequency-wave imprinting is viewed in correlation of elementary particles and a theory of quantum regulation.

At present, diagnostics method in Sensitiv Imago equipment is the most advanced one. The essence of computer diagnostics with Sensitiv Imago lies in the fact that each living organism functions on its own frequencies. By intercepting frequencies of every organ apiece, computer diagnostics analyzes the activity ratio of an organ and compares it with standard indications. The method makes it possible to conduct monitoring of vital processes, detect derangement in organ’s functioning, diagnose and define system dissociation.

As long as it is needed to immensely shorten the time spent on examination and avoid multiple consultations with a number of specialists, Sensitiv Imago equipment can be applied in order to conduct computer diagnostics as a primary diagnostics complex or as a non-invasive screening survey method.

The key designation of Sensitiv Imago device is to diagnose functional condition of all physiological systems of human body – cardiovascular, respiratory, alimentary, reproductive, musculoskeletal, endocrine.

The survey is conducted in 3 stages:

  1. Gathering information with special magneto-inductors (they serve as a channel of permanent magnetic field, where fixation and reinforcement of vortex electromagnetic fields of a body with special sensors inbuilt in headphones take place) and hand sensors.

    Information on state of internal organs is retrieved from subcortex where, as is well known, the most credible information is kept. We can determine the accuracy ratio of this information due to the fact that all vegetative functions of an organism – breathing, digestive, locomotor and reproductive functions, - are subject to subcortex.

  2. Analysis of obtained information. The underlying factor in the course of diagnostics falls to comparison of virtual standard models (healthy, pathologically altered tissues, infectious and toxic agents), from computer memory, with those of information obtained in real time from a current patient. Pathological processes become defined. These circumstances, in particular, allow specialist to draw up a wellness program preventing disease from subsequent developing.
  3. Compiling individual wellness program and plan of preventing the development of detected illnesses. Vegeto-test stipulates computer selection of various medications (allopathic, homeopathic, nutraceuticals and parapharmaceuticals) aiming to reduce exertion level in specific organs.

A patient receives a color graphical printout with organs pictures with present alterations or derangements, as well as a list of diagnosis matching the detected illnesses, guidelines for treatment.

The diagnostic system has unique possibilities e.g. to provide computer comparison simultaneously using spectral characteristics of all medication, the number of which can reach a few thousand, from computer memory with characteristics of a pathological process in an organ of each patient individually, thus, permitting to define medical preparation the most effective for the given patient. If in result of medicine deposition general condition of a patient ameliorates, exactly this preparation with the highest efficiency rate may be proposed to a patient.

Testing process itself is extremely captivating, patients like it, they eagerly bring everything that they find needed and useful (medicine, BAA, cosmetics, food). On the display screen it is possible to observe dynamics of medication selection process in real time. Information received from a remedy is laid onto previously obtained information about energetic condition of a patient’s organ. Therefore, it is apparent how much the patient’s state will elevate or deteriorate in percentage terms after medication taking. Dosage frequency and proportion are selected likewise.

Besides medicine prescription, the presence of a special chamber in a device enables an operator to prepare informational remedies – spectronosods. Depending on pathology present, it is possible to create a few types of spectronosods. Afterwards, to obtain ultimately positive results an operator provides individual selection of dosage and intake time.

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