In order to provide successful and well-coordinated work of a diagnostics center, it is necessary to have a number of specialists. Your future personnel should be the following:

  1. Doctor – 2 persons who will be working shifts or the whole working day (every 2 days). It is necessary to always have a substitute in case the other doctor takes a vacation, sick leave or a day off. We recommend to employ doctors from state medical institutions (hospitals) on a part-time basis since they have profound experience working with real patients.
  2. Administrator – We advise to hire 2 administrators in order to provide stable and unceasing working process, who would be interchangeable during vacations, sick leaves, days off etc. Administrators should work every two days, as it will ease control over the infrastructure of the center.
  3. Manager – 1 person whose duties can be fulfilled by an owner of the business himself, however, we recommend to hire an additional person. The main task of a manager is to work on particular business schemes and do research work on figuring new directions for cooperation. On our part, we teach all these techniques. If done right, manager – is a person who is 100% of working time involved in the process.
  4. Web-designer – 1 person who will develop and fill with content your site, be responsible for Internet advertising, maintain technical facilities (computers, phone and Internet connection etc).
  5. Courier (if needed) – 1 person. The work of a courier can be done by any of the employees.

Hence, minimum number of personnel reaches 6-7 people. Each category of employees is important to ensure successful quality work of your center.

You are able to select the personnel on your own. Only you decide on the number of people sufficient for your office. In our turn, we provide the tuition on how to become a professional in this sphere and offer individual approaches, education terms and different types and volume of information needed for each category separately.

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​Dear partners!
​Dear colleagues, partners and users of Sensitive Imago and Sensitive Audit equipment!   Due to recent events, we receive a lot of
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What is bioresonance therapy?
Bioresonance therapy has different names such as biophysical information therapy, bio-energetic therapy, electrodermal testing, vibrational medicine

We present to your attention new SensitivE Audit 550 and SensitivE Audit 555 - the latest developments of our company.
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Sensitiv Imago 535 – business class model, has FDA registration in the USA.
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Sensitiv Imago 520 – business class model, maximum diagnosis capabilities at an affordable cost.
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