Advantages of the equipment

Sensitiv Imago is unique diagnostic and health-improving equipment used for computer diagnostics of human health. Sensitive Imago, unlike any other similar devices, applies a number of innovative methods to diagnose patient's state - frequency-wave imprinting test, (biomagnetic resonance method) and bio-impedance method.

These methods enable to carry out diagnostics and health-improving measures for functional state of all physiological systems in the organism.

Method of biomagnetic resonance

With the help of electromagnetic waves Sensitiv Imago equipment allows to form activity of brain neurons of a patient, against which their selective ability to strengthen poorly noticeable body signals is revealed. This is due to magnetic inductors (headphones).

Each earpiece emits electromagnetic waves that affect subcortical zones of brain and at the same time reads information from these structures. Since work of organs is controlled by different parts of the brain, changes in these organs lead to changes in corresponding zones, this can be fixed.

Depending on the equipment model, a certain number of SBA sensors (from 100 to 500) are built in the magnetic inductors. Such an amount of sensors allows to catch the weakest signals emitted by body. At this, you do not have to manually adjust intensity of the impulse sent to the patient's body.

Since each organ reacts to a certain color, sound and electromagnetic impulse, while retrieving information (for example, from stomach), our equipment applies the color-grade to which stomach responds, the sound of a certain tonality to which stomach reacts and the electromagnetic impulse with which stomach works. Moreover, presence of a "floating” load generator enables the device to automatically adjust to the frequency of a tested organ.

Method of bio-impedance

Sensitiv Imago devices are equipped with hand sensors, which have 2 channels of reception of information. The cylindrical bipolar sensor consists of two parts (active and passive), separated by a nonconductor and an electrode-plate. Current electricity flowing into a human body is absolutely harmless, but at the same time it activates all liquids in a patient's organism, thereby allowing to fix all biochemical changes in any organs, tissues, cells.

An additional channel of information retrieval is a dual-mode quantum-optical modulator (QOM), a 500 series sensor with manual amplification of IR signals. This sensor is used to specify information about the state of hereditary health level. QOM contributes to identification of a weak system in organism at the genetic level.

Any pathological process is characterized by particular changes reflected on wave frequencies of human body.

The equipment sends a signal spectrum to an object (patient). The software automatically compares the diagrams recorded in the program database with the diagrams received from an object. If the output signal of the body has the same frequency characteristics, the body responds with resonance, and the equipment records this process. Thus, you can see a name of the marked process or state in a patient's body.

It should be noted that creation of this diagnostic method had been preceded by many years of research, the purposes of which had been next:

  • precise determination of localization of subcortical structures responsible for regulation of organ’s activity;
  • establishment of connection between intensity of the signal obtained from hypothalamus and degree of pathological process severity in an organ;
  • creation of a virtual model of healthy organs and various forms of diseases.

Hence, Sensitiv Imago devices are the undoubted leader in the industry of devices for complex computer diagnostics of human health.

Considering accuracy of the data obtained and economic benefits, the devices are second to none today. Sensitiv Imago are equipped with the best peripherals developed for the present moment.

The creation of Sensitiv Imago is a significant step in the development of computer diagnostic technologies, which was preceded by many trials and error. These diagnostic devices allow to:

  • diagnose state of all biological systems of the body within 10 to 60 minutes;
  • timely detect diseases in preclinical stage;
  • develop an individual complex of disease treatment and its prevention.

Computer diagnostic technologies do not stand still. Considering importance of this direction and its relevance for medical institutions around the world, our specialists continue to improve modern diagnostic Sensitiv Imago devices.

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