Spectronosod – informational remedy recorded on matrix – water, spirits, sugar. With Sensitiv Imago equipment it is possible to create such medication yourself.

Spectronosod is represented in the form of frequency characteristics (this can be information on medicine, information against microorganism, information of absolutely healthy organ), which are not directed at the patient’s organism during the state correction, but taken in due time.

There are 3 types of spectronosods:

1st type.

Spectronosod of medicine

In the database are recorded frequency characteristics of medicine (allopathic, naturopathic, homeopathic, etc.). With the help of the equipment these frequency characteristics can be recorded on carrier (matrix), thus actually turning it into medication. This type of spectronosod keeps the same information as the medicine copy of which it is. The difference is that spectronosod does not include any chemical constituent of the medicine – so, it has no side effects.

2nd type

Spectronosod of healthy organ

In the program database are recorded etalons of healthy organs. This information can be transferred to the carrier.

While accepting this information, it influences subcortical brain structures responsible for work of particular organs. In doing so, spectronosod “reminds” the organ how to function properly, that leads to the recovery of functions of the given organ.

As for their recording type, these spectronosods are called “straight” (information is transferred onto matrix with no alterations).

3rd type

“Inverted” spectronosods (in this particular case the information is carried out onto matrix with mirror reflection effect).

While perceiving information from an object, all information on pathological processes and stirrers, as well as harmful substances and processes, is recorded into the program database. This data can be used to prepare spectronosod against this information. When doing so, pathological information, being inverted, is recorded on matrix. Thus, when overlapping of the described frequency information with pathological one occurs, they mutually neutralize each other.

Spectronosod preparation can assist in achieving two goals at once:

  1. an operator will be able to enhance the BRT or frequency compensation treatment effect;
  2. in the periods between treatment courses an organism of the investigated person continues to get health-improving effect – intentionally.
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What is bioresonance therapy?
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