List of drug groups

Hardware-software complex Sensistiv Imago automatically picks therapeutic complexes individually for each patient.

Frequency characteristics of BAAs. nutraceuticals, homeopathic, herbal and symptomatic medication of the following companies are entered in database of LifeStream program:

  • ArtLife
  • ARGO
  • Siberian Zdorovie
  • Dovgan
  • Tentorium
  • Sunway
  • Coral Club и RBC
  • Neways
  • Tianchi
  • Sunrider
  • Visison
  • Mirra Lux
  • Nasha Dara
  • Dr. Nona
  • GreenSring
  • Enrich
  • NSP
  • Vitamax XXI vek
  • Nature’s WAY
  • Edas
  • Vitaline
  • Pradeigma
  • Dara plus
  • Santegra
  • Pharmanex
  • Amway
  • Bonus Life
  • Herblife
  • Trinita
  • HEEL
  • Bach’s Flowers
  • Energy
  • 4Life
  • Nutergia
  • Anna Jemma’s essential oils

Besides that, you can enter frequency characteristics of any therapeutic medication into the program database yourself by placing it into external magneto-optical chamber, which is included in the equipment set.

Last News
31 Aug
New update of LifeStream software is already available
The updated software version includes the program for determining energy and information field of a human - aura: Device registration on
25 Apr
Sensitiv Imago have passed the registration in FDA
ALFA MED UKRAINE Company is proudly informing you that recently Sensitiv Imago equipment have passed the registration in FDA (Food and Drug

Models devices

Sensitiv Imago 530 – business class model, certified in the EU.

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Sensitiv Imago 535 – business class model, has FDA registration in the USA.

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Sensitiv Imago 520 – business class model, maximum diagnosis capabilities at an affordable cost.

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Sensitiv Imago 135 – authorized for use on the US territory, conforms with the FDA requirements and standards.

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