Wellness Centers

Sensitiv Imago equipment is multifunctional and widely used in a number of business spheres, for example:

  • wellness centers;
  • massage rooms;
  • SPA-salons;
  • skin-care shops;
  • herbalist shops;
  • homeopathic pharmacies;
  • distributive centers;
  • medical clinics.

Sensitiv Imago may as well be applied in non-conventional (naturopathic) centers as a means of health regulation and recovery.

Nowadays this business is of high priority since with relatively small investments we obtain high profitability. Sensitiv Imago has no analogs among other kinds of diagnostic equipment and allows to conduct a full accurate diagnostics of a patient in 1,5 hours, with no pain, no harm, no analysis, and select effective health improvement methods. For it is fast and authentic, demand for such a kind of services among public is constantly increasing.

Two approaches of work with Sensitiv Imago equipment are possible:

  • with medical license as a medical center;
  • without medical license – as a wellness/health center.

We will stop at the option of Wellness center opening.

To start a business with Sensitiv Imago equipment you need to set up a sole proprietorship (private entrepreneur or company-juridical person). Your activity cannon be connected with providing medical services, so you can provide consultations on nutritional care, diets, healthy lifestyle.

You will conduct not a medical examination, but a frequency-wave imprinting test aiming to detect spectrally similar to pathological processes etalons. The same way, you will not conduct treatment, but selection of nutritional diet and energetic correction of energy disbalance in an organism. According to Standard Industrial Classification of Business Activities, this current of activities is related to the health study – valeology.

Over 80% of our users who purchased hardware-software Sensitiv Imago complex work without medical license, as Wellness Centers – this is a much easier and less cost-based approach of business dealing.

Requirements to gain a permit for a particular activities type usually vary. If Standard Industrial Classification provides you as a specialist (or your organization) with a permit to conduct a particular type of activities, you can apply a number of tools as you please. The only thing is that the opted tools or devices should have Ukrainian certification or certification of the country where you will be running the business.

Our device is an apparatus for non-invasive inspection (without solution of tissue continuity). Depending on a model, our devices have: Ukrainian Certificate of Conformity, CIS Certificate, CE (European Union) acknowledging reliability of the device and a possibility to apply it for work with people, hygienic safety, its conformity to the standards for electronic devices.

In the backbone of Sensitiv Imago equipment is the phenomenon of bio-magnetic resonance. In its nature bio-magnetic resonance represents a theory about an oscillating circuit – electromagnetic field inherent to each organism. Hardware-software Sensitiv Imago complexes are a highly effective tool at detecting weak zones in a human body, as well as detecting internal pathologies or harmful parasites which got into an organism from outside. The information received with this approach allows to timely initiate the preventative and health improvement measures.

By virtue of all Sensitiv Imago possibilities you can conduct comfort patient’s survey and constantly sustain one’s health level.

Sensitiv Imago equipment is able to conduct diagnostics of a patient’s state, conduct energy correction and may be used as a testing tool for diet prescriptions and prescription of healthy food articles for each patient individually.

Key possibilities with Sensitiv Imago:

  • realization of computer diagnostics of organism;
  • determination of spectrally similar pathological processes;
  • dynamic evaluation of health level (deterioration level of selective and complex homeostasis);
  • detection of weak systems in organism;
  • prognosis of a person’s body condition (prognosis of a disease development);
  • individual selection of a recovery complex measures (biologically active additives – BAA, alimentary products, etc.);
  • conduction of frequency-wave influence and frequency compensation sessions by reference to the principles of Sensitiv Imago technology or sector area-based activities of bio-resonance testing with weak magnetic oscillations, including recorded in the program database standard processes given in direct and inverted form (BRT, frequency compensation).

ALFA-MED UKRAINE specialists will help you to get your bearings as regard to the form of your activities and will assist in arranging your center’s work.

Basing on our rich professional experience we provide recommendations in:

  • setting up such a kind of a business;
  • premises search and organization;
  • personnel recruitment and their tuition;
  • advertising of your Wellness Center.

This will be your personal business, you are an investor, we take the role of your consultants only.

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