Additional services

Besides realization of hardware-software Sensitiv Imago complexes, we also provide full-service support for our clients.

We composed a business guidance on how to organize, run and promote this type of business. The guidance was made by us and has no analogues. We do not just propose this guidance to Sensitiv Imago buyers, we also provide multi-level comprehensive consultations that illustrate all aspects of organizing and maintaining current business: all legal, economic and organizational aspects. We also provide trainings for your personnel.

After you purchase hardware-software complex Sensitiv Imago and open a center, we will continue to accompany you:

  • Inform about new products.
  • Pass on the information about seminars, exhibitions.
  • Consult in case of having any questions.
  • Guarantee aftersales service.
  • Provide all-round support regarding business running.
  • Engage you in conducted sales promotions and provide full informational support.

Each our client gets a business guidance on organization and successful maintenance of this business. This guidance holds many years of our work experience as well as of all our clients’.

Business Guidance sections:

Introduction. We have described general aspects and accents of this business, incentives for starting these activities, category of people who may be interested in this business and our company’s timeline.

Legal issues. We provide consultations concerning the most suitable forms of ownership for running this business as well as other matters related to license issuing, premises registration, inspection of supervisory authorities (sanitary epidemic station, fire inspection). There are given listings of required documentation, samples of applications and agreements. We also provide all certificates for hardware-software complexes, recommended preparations, issue a certificate entitling you to work with HSC Sensitiv Imago after the training.

Economic issues. We provide business viability calculations. Consult on matters of investments, necessary for business organization. Offer business schemes, realization of which will bring you the highest income possible.

Equipment. You receive full information on the survey method, equipment working principle, its possibilities and particularities, prevalence over other survey methods. In addition, we conduct training on work with Sensitiv Imago equipment. We are an official representative of the manufacturer with the right to provide training courses on work with hardware-software Sensitiv Imago complexes. After finishing the training course, we issue a certificate. Read more about training.

Medication. We train personnel to work with preparations. We cover particularities and brought effects of each medication, prescription, recovery scheme, work with patients and many other topics.

Personnel, premises. We name requirements for premises. We consult on recruitment, workflow management, duties of every employee. Also, we give recommendations and information needed to increase competence of each employee.

Promotion. One of the main sections. It covers the question of promoting and expanding of this business. We provide technologies for work with advertising and its types: those which ensure utmost results and those which are “dead”, in other words, most inappropriate for running this business. We show how to work with doctors, medical and educational institutions, chemists shops, establishments, distributors and many other interesting directions. Detailed activity schemes for each specified direction are provided. Special unit is dedicated to Internet advertising. When required, we may give materials, that will help you create your own website, along with detailed instructions on how to boost your business through the Internet.

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​Dear partners!
​Dear colleagues, partners and users of Sensitive Imago and Sensitive Audit equipment!   Due to recent events, we receive a lot of
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What is bioresonance therapy?
Bioresonance therapy has different names such as biophysical information therapy, bio-energetic therapy, electrodermal testing, vibrational medicine

We present to your attention new SensitivE Audit 550 and SensitivE Audit 555 - the latest developments of our company.
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Sensitiv Imago 535 – business class model, has FDA registration in the USA.
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Sensitiv Imago 530 – business class model, certified in the EU.
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Sensitiv Imago 520 – business class model, maximum diagnosis capabilities at an affordable cost.
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