Sensitiv Imago 520

Model discontinued. Instead, the SensitivE Audit model is available.

Model sensitiv imago 520 is made due to the European Union requirements and has CE certificate. These devices are more reliable in usage because they are created only from German Parts, and formula based on gold is used to connect details.

Model imago sensitiv 520 belongs to the business class devices. This device provides about 96% accuracy of the obtained data. The sensitiv imago 520 for sale includes LifeStream software (1 out of 15 language versions) and a standard set of peripherals.

The interface block of the sensitiv imago 520 consists of such parts:

  • a floating generator,
  • digital filters block,
  • SBA sensors (500),
  • analog filters block,
  • automatic calibration block,
  • automatic adjustment block,
  • sensors external/remote block,
  • magneto' optical cameras.

This model imago sensitiv 520 is designed with a large number of peripheral devices, which provide the most accurate and detailed information of a patient's organism. It helps to diagnosis the examinee correctly. A remote control is provided with a help of the remote power supply equipped with short circuit protection. USB port connects the device and a computer.

Model sensitiv imago 520 for sale has 4 channels for information retrieval:

  • 2-channel hand sensors,
  • head unit (headphones) with SBA-sensors in the amount of 500,
  • quantum-optical modulator that allows to get additional information from a patient.

The computer diagnostic is provided with the help of the headphones wearing on a patient's head that are with built in SBA sensors communicating with infrared receivers, acoustic radiators and electromagnetic induction sensors.

The imago sensitiv 520 is equipped with COM sensors. COM sensor allows receiving additional information from the patient. To provide stable amplifying of IR signals this sensor must be placed in the flat surface of the monitor, not more than 70cm from the patient.

To minimize the risk of the breaking in the incorrect connection of the peripheral devices, the rear panel of the sensitiv imago 520 for sale is equipped with separate deplane connectors. A special connector gives amplification by other sensors that are connected to the interface block. In addition, a special unit with the complete set provides automatic adjustment of the device.

The imago sensitiv 520 computer diagnostics provides correct and current diagnostic trends because it is equipped with software no later than the end of 2009. The software needs a regular updating to allow operation of the most modern equipment.

Our company, ALFA-MED UKRAINE, is dedicated in providing the best quality assistance at an affordable sensitiv imago 520 price to make you an expert on such kind of the business. We invite you to try the imago sensitiv 520 biofeedback system, become our potential business partner, and open modern therapeutic and diagnostic centers to provide accurate and quality diagnostics. The Sensitiv Imago system helps to receive therapeutic recovery from a health imbalance and to monitor health-using frequencies.

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