Method technology

Sensitiv Imago equipment is a modern sanative computer technology made for diagnostics and health restitution which was developed by a researching group of ALFA-MED.

The core of the method

Not long before physicist William Crooks and chemist Wilhelm Ostwald discovered electromagnetic waves, the hypothesis about radiation later called “brain radio waves” had been suggested. A number of scientists had been trying to elucidate the effect of extrasensory perception from the perspective of “animal electricity” detected in the course of experiments by Luigi Galvani and Alessandro Volta. In 1902 the bio-potential theory was created. In 1925 H. Fricke offered to contemplate cellular membrane in the form of oscillating circuit. There was discovered the phenomenon of wave oscillating processes generation by a human body, an animal body and plants. They are registered as electroencephalogram at the level of brain glial cells. A nerve cell of a living organism is proved to be a producer of electromagnetic emission in ultrahigh frequency spectrum with the wave length commensurable to the dimensions of a cell itself.

Eydie Gormé assumed that weak magnetic fields of brain neurons are crucial for data perception and its procession, for they form a second signal-system in counterpart to a synaptic system. Harold E. Puthoff and Russel Targ established that weak magnetic fields influence brain leaving out sensory organs. Resulting from their experiments, electro-magnetic oscillations of very low frequencies were proved to be an intermediary of data transmission, under the condition of total absence of sensor contact. It should be noted that experiments of Puthoff and Targ were successfully reproduced in many laboratories around the world. According to professor Shnoll, interacting of emissions of various cells, if the outside signal is not observed, is accounted for resonance phenomenon (interference) between waves of different length in case of presence of both ultra-high harmonic (sine-waves) and low-frequency non-linear (stochastic) oscillations. Their synchronization is completed by nervous system, and coherence – by tissue-specific cell structure.

Since these signals bear electromagnetic nature, they can be registered with electrodes and inductors.

When control over nervous system is weakened, for example, in the result of mental disorder or neurotoxins impact, these processes are regulated by external irritants: visual, auditory, chemical, - or by electromagnetic emissions. Collaboration of emissions is performed at the molecular level and caused by mutual alteration of molecules disposition, therefore, they create a cell in space (conformation transition). While doing so, combined signal acquires its resonant amplification effect.

This phenomenon was called biological feedback and, nowadays, is widely applied in many diagnostic devices, including Sensitiv Imago equipment.

Hardware-software Sensitiv Imago complexes are extremely effective at detecting feeble zones in a human body and locating internal pathologies and harmful parasites which got into an organism from outside. Thus, obtaining the information with the help of the device, you may proceed to preventative activities and treatment of a disease itself in a timely manner.

In its work, Sensitiv Imago uses one of the most advanced and accurate techniques for diagnostics and treatment of a number of diseases – frequency-wave imprinting test.

The phenomenon of biomagnetic resonance is the well-known scientific core of frequency-wave imprinting. In context of the given theory, each human, as well as any other living organism, shall be regarded as an open oscillating circuit. This circuit irradiates weak electromagnetic waves with the frequency intrinsic to it only.

Any alien substance or pathology inevitably bring about discord into once established oscillation frequencies. Each pathology, virus or disease work on their peculiar frequencies. To detect them, an electronic device directs into an organism the signal bearing the same frequency. If there is no pathology present– nothing happens, if it is available – sensors fix the phenomenon of bio-resonance. High accuracy of Sensitiv Imago equipment allows not only to detect an ailment, but also to locate it in the organism.

When influencing their field with special devices, organism of a biological object can recover.

The advent of this innovative method was possible only thanks to decades of the research works conducted in the 30ies and 50ies by a number of specialists in different science domains. One of the scientist having contributed was the biologist, professor of anatomy in Yale University in the USA – Harold Burr. He managed to prove existence of electromagnetic fields of a particular form inherent to all living creatures without exception.

Part of invention of the fundamental method of combating viruses with resonance belongs to Royal Rife – an outstanding scientist in the bioelectronic medicine. He succeeded in stating that the oscillation frequencies proper for sound and damaged tissues differ. Rife was able to demolish pathological tissues after identifying a spectrum of emissions by noxious microorganisms and influencing them with resonance emission.

The notion about biomagnetic resonance provides means for fast and accurate diagnostics of a living organism.

Sensitiv Imago units correspond to functional complexes with integrated LifeStream program, the database of which contains information on spectrographic indexes of thousands of harmful formations i.e. fungi, viruses, parasites. Diagnostics of illnesses with Sensitiv Imago equipment takes only a few minutes and does not cause any inconveniences.

The device is attached to a patient by means of several sensing probes: magneto-inductors, double-channel electrodes, the goal of which is to record frequency spectrum of hostile organisms and pathologies, determine their focus area.

Sensitiv Imago is able to modulate emissions of various frequency: low, medium and high. They act differently – either by passing through living tissue (low frequencies) or “dispersing” over skin covering (high frequencies). That is how integrated effect on disease stirrers is ensured – only pathology is exposed to resonance influence, with no harm to sound tissues.


ALFA-MED is the author and copyright owner of the programs of Frequency wave diagnosis. Among other things, benchmark data and the programs bases belong to ALFA-MED.

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