The latest generation of diagnostic and human health renewal device
Bioresonance Hardware-Software device SensitivE Audit & Sensitiv Imago

SensitivE Audit designed for non-invasive bioresonance comprehensive examination and renewal of human body health


At this difficult time, when the health and safety of each of us is of utmost importance, ALFA-MED UKRAINE is still with you as before!

We continue our work online, which we started over 15 years ago: we hold online demonstrations and trainings, remote service and consulting support. The result of this work is thousands of presentations, hundreds of grateful students, dozens of successful partners. You can also join our constantly growing company. The COVID-19 pandemic is only one of the challenges of the modern world, but despite this, our work does not stop. We are always ready to provide all customers with any online support.

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Allows to identify:

  • The weakest systems and organs
  • Occurrence and activity of pathological processes
  • Presence and activity of microorganisms
  • Sensitivity to contaminants, allergens, food additives
  • Sensitivity to energoinformational burdens
  • Presumable inherited predispositions

Health-improving possibilities:

  • Individual selection of health-improving complexes
  • Frequency-wave correction of energy balance disruptions
  • Organism purification from toxins, contaminants, allergens
  • Neutralization of energoinformational burden
  • Creation of informational preparations
​Dear colleagues, partners and users of Sensitive Imago and Sensitive Audit equipment!   Due to recent events, we receive a lot of
Bioresonance therapy has different names such as biophysical information therapy, bio-energetic therapy, electrodermal testing, vibrational medicine
Bioresonance therapy was invented in Germany in 1977 by Franz Morell and his son-in-law, engineer Erich Raschebut, and didn't have much acceptance
Users of Sensitive Imago 110, 115, 120, 510, 515, 520 devices can take advantage of a special offer to upgrade their devices to new SensitivE
We present to your attention new SensitivE Audit 550 and SensitivE Audit 555 - the latest developments of our company.
Sensitiv Imago 535 – business class model, has FDA registration in the USA.
Sensitiv Imago 530 – business class model, certified in the EU.
Sensitiv Imago 520 – business class model, maximum diagnosis capabilities at an affordable cost.
Bioresonance device SensitivE Audit and Sensitiv Imago —
Full check-up and renewal of the human body health