Over the time of its development hardware software complex Sensitiv Imago has undergone several great updates. Along with the hardware improvement our clients could observe the software improvement – from Imago software to LifeStream software. Hardware and software updates have been keeping pace with the appearance of new technologies.

In April 2012, taking into account the gained experience, considering our partners’ suggestions and striving to improve the equipment functionality, we released the newest software designed to substitute the previous Sensitiv Imago program and fully reveal the potential of new 5th-generation models of hardware-software Sensitiv Imago complex. LifeStream software became such our holding’s latest elaboration.

LifeStream software is the result of longstanding service of all employees in our holding. Many scientists, doctors, leading specialists were involved in cooperation with research institutes and laboratories.

During engineering stage the due requirements for the program were much firmer. LifeStream was designed for the latest more powerful device models in compliance with European standards and written in a modern coding language.

Considering protection level, methods of information reading and processing speed, LifeStream software multiply outweighs previous programs versions.

There is a window for development and huge opportunities. Program’s potential enables to regularly update it, expand database, increase the number of spectrograms, introduce new options, add new functions and possibilities.

Let us dwell on the background of our technology starting with Imago software and finishing with the most recent LifeStream software.

Imago software:

From Latin “imago” is translated as appearance, converting from one development stage into another. In the computer program Imago diagnostics – this alteration refers to the conversion from the status of unknown to the acknowledgment of processes that are happening in an organism. In the narrow sense imago is an abbreviation which can be deciphered in the following way: I – individual, M – monitoring (of), A – anatomic, G – graphic, O – organs. Sensitiv stands for sensitive, accurate.

The first program Imago Old was created in 2000. In 2002 the new independent program Imago with DT index saw the world.

Year 2003 was marked with the appearance of Imago software version 05.05. Unlike Imago DT, version Imago 05.05 was endowed with realistic interface. Algorithm of Imago 05.05 was clear for doctors and program operators. Imago diagnostics 05.05 program was deservedly popular due to its reliability and accuracy. In December 2006 a fundamentally new version of Imago diagnostics program named “Sensitiv Imago Diagnostics” was released. (Specialists from 4 companies took part in the creation of this Imago program). All the best was inherited from the program Imago 05.05, only made much more advanced to meet EU requirements.

The distinguishing trait of “Sensitiv Imago” software is strict correspondence of program coefficients, that ensures accurate work of hardware-software Sensitiv Imago complex. Also, Sensitiv Imago program is favorably different from other similar software products in the way that Sensitiv Imago program contains the maximum number of cross-sections and organs, as well as the maximum number of etalons of organic medications and biochemical homeostasis, microorganisms, helminths, allergens, neurtaceupticals, parapharmaceuticals, homeopathy and phytotherapy etalons.

Current software is one of the most reliable for present day and works with the 4th generation of Sensitiv Imago apparatus.

The program is protected against unauthorized copying with the help of a special key which must be inserted into a USB-port.

Sensitiv Imago method includes theoretic and practical surveys of wave nature of biological organisms. Wave phenomena, characterized by various origin and properties, accompany us at every our turn. Wave frequencies emitted by a healthy cell differ from those of an unhealthy one. Any objects, including medicine, irradiate waves of proper length. The database of Sensitiv Imago diagnostic equipment (not to confuse with Imago DT) is loaded with the information on wave nature of a number of medicine. Through these parameters of computer diagnostics Sensitiv Imago evaluates the status of each inspected organ and provides accurate results.

In the backbone of Sensitiv Imago technology is an adopted rating scale after Reckeweg:

  1. reserve cell – excellent condition;
  2. actively functioning cell, toxins are neutralized – good condition;
  3. cell functioning at the breaking point, toxins accumulation in tissues – satisfactory;
  4. functionally overloaded cell, free toxins damage a cell – below satisfactory level;
  5. functionally blocked cell, homeostasis deviation – bad;
  6. functionally defective cell, homeostasis disruption, exhaustion, degeneration – very bad.

To date, all new models of Sensitiv Imago equipment work with the latest version of the LifeStream program.

16 Jun
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16 Jun
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