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Comparative characteristics of Sensitiv Imago complex with other analogues

Oberon device is an intermediate stage on the way to creation of Sensitiv Imago equipment. Nowadays, the key difference between Oberon and Sensitive Imago devices is that the first has only logical interface while the latter is also supplied with feedback unit receiving information from a biological object.

An Oberon operator enters information about a patient into database and the program “inspects a patient” itself using the entered data. A patient can be absent. Testing of medication is done on the basis of designed model in ECM.

Apart from logical interface, during testing Sensitiv Imago devices receive feedback from a biological object by means of advanced circuit boards and improved software. Diagnostics of a patient without a patient is not available. The device and software do not work without a patient. During the whole period of testing and frequency-wave correction a patient is yielded to constant loading and unloading. Medication testing is done not with the ECM model, but with a patient, meanwhile, the model on the screen reflects current homeostasis of an organism for present moment.

Each trademark of Oberon diagnostics equipment has its own series of apparatus, which are marked with numbers 5,7,9,11. Seriously only the latest line 11 should be taken into consideration since models of series 5, 7 and 9 provide up to 60% of credibility, thus, cannot guarantee objective reflection of health condition and selection of appropriate treatment. The price for early Oberon models is not high (under 2 500$), but these models are unsuitable for running a business for a low percent of credibility does not insure the reliability of obtained results.

Another difference between Sensitiv Imago Oberon is that information with Sensitiv Imago equipment is received via 4 channels: double-channel hand sensors, quantum-optical modulator and headphones with built-in dip inductors and SBA sensors. Oberon equipment receives information through only 2 channels. As you understand, the more channels, the higher accuracy of diagnostics.

In comparison with devices of other brands, LifeStream software, with which Sensitiv Imago is working, contains the biggest number of pharmaceutic and homeopathic remedies, neutraceuticals, BAA of different manufacturing companies.

Not the least of the advantages of Sensitiv Imago equipment in comparison with other similar devices is daily knowledgeable assistance of our company’s specialists in matters of equipment application at full capacity at a professional level.

By purchasing Sensitiv Imago equipment you obtain a full SI complex including:

  • complete Sensitiv Imago complex, tested on the stand under high load for 10 days;
  • licensed version of the software with the “Lang” key encoding, with the highest degree of protection;
  • training in a licensed center with subsequent issuance of a certificate;
  • maintenance for several years;
  • technical support provided by the company's engineers.
16 Jun
What is bioresonance therapy?
Bioresonance therapy has different names such as biophysical information therapy, bio-energetic therapy, electrodermal testing, vibrational medicine
16 Jun
The bioresonance diagnostics is carried out for diagnosis and treatment various diseases
Bioresonance therapy was invented in Germany in 1977 by Franz Morell and his son-in-law, engineer Erich Raschebut, and didn't have much acceptance

We present to your attention new SensitivE Audit 550 and SensitivE Audit 555 - the latest developments of our company.
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Sensitiv Imago 535 – business class model, has FDA registration in the USA.
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Sensitiv Imago 530 – business class model, certified in the EU.
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Sensitiv Imago 520 – business class model, maximum diagnosis capabilities at an affordable cost.
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