Our work with amazing device ; Sensitive Audit started with a patient that had subjective Tinnitus for 2 years. The sounds had been heard for every time in the day and night non stopping. The patient referred to many doctors but anything couldn't stop the sounds. fortunately in the first session after analyzing the scan's result we could find the reason of disease ; After 1 course (10 sessions ) of Bioresonance therapy the 24 hours hearing sound decreased to 8-9 hours during the day and Patient became very satisfied , because without any surgery or using any chemical medication the annoying sound stopped. Thanks a lot to Dear Alfa-med team
Dr. Dimitrios G.Safaricos

Sensitive Imago – is an amazing machine. Using it a very precise diagnosis can be made. The device "sees" illnesses in the patient's body very accurately. It also helps with treatment choosing, that is acceptable to the patient. Many patients, who used standard medicine services, experienced some difficulties and hardships. But with a help of Sensitive Imago You can get information about patient's body easily, quickly and safely. I am very satisfied of the equipment Sensitive Imago.

Patient L. (female)
5 years old

For the treatment was sent a 5 years-old girl, with post-surgical body paralysis. The brain tumor was removed, that leaded to the almost total paralysis – the doctors resolved, that they did their best and sent the child home. As a last resort was held full diagnosis at the hardware-software complex “Sensitiv Imago” 110 and appointed an experimental combined course of bio-resonance influences – BRT-treatment. After fourth visit exist stable positive effect – there were changes in muscle tone, was improved the blood-flow in the limbs; at least, the child became able to relax for the first time after the operation. Hereafter became better functioning of internal organs and returned limited motility in the hip joint and cervical spine.
Despite the long road the child and her parents are happy about the results and expect further treatment.

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Qué es la terapia de biorresonancia?
La terapia de biorresonancia tiene diferentes nombres como terapia de información biofísica, terapia bioenergética, pruebas
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